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  1. i swear im not advertising...i was putting the site address into my site traffic meter ^.^ http://nonstopgaming.ucoz.com/
  2. 7/10 i can tell it took skill but i dont like it >.< srry
  3. i know about c4ds stocks and stuff i use them a lot but i didnt know where to put one in here. and i would have made some brushes already but i dont know how and can i import gimp brushes?. borders? i hate borders i think it makes the sig ugly...no offence a lot of people like em and they can looks nice. and the halo thing...just cus its over-used doesnt mean it makes it ugly, and its just a render i happened to had that was in that tut. plus for a lot of my older sigs i used to make my own vectors but now i suck at vectoring...so i dont do that anymore xD. p.s. is there a way to sharpen/blur areas? it adds depth
  4. hey ya u did ^.^ i could make a tut on what was changed...if people want...
  5. this is my first sig i used the tutorial called how to make old gaming sigs...er something like that and i got through 2 steps then did my own thing... CnC plz
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