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  1. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone. (respectfully) I didn't know skins were that thin in here. I guess I should have by reading the rules. As a webmaster of many sites, some with forums and a member of many more. I can honestly say I have never read rules so strict. I figured you guys have had many problems with the kids to make them that way. I'll know better next time. I was merely being frank about it. Plus I was trying to cover all bases. As it seems from the somewhat rude faqs (ie. Not gonna happen) that it is something that will not even be considered. That's a shame. IMO I hope this doesn't offend but I respectfully disagree, that they are not related. My point is, they kinda should be. In that if "docking" it to the side still leaves it in the way. The only other logical course of action would be to have the ability to move it to a toolbar or take it down to the size of the tool window. No offense meant, just my opinion. I think this would be the same opinion of anyone who has been using photo editing software for 10+ years as I have. I sincerely think it is a great thing your doing with this. I hope it makes you goo gobs of money. Again I apologize for being so passionate in my original post.
  2. That's all great but by his own admission: "Movable toolbars -- Not gonna happen. In my opinion, it is way way way more trouble than it is worth. (Please do not confuse "toolbar" with the "floating tool windows": Tools, History, Layers, Colors. Those are already movable, dockable, and some are also sizable.) " The ability to stick them to the side is great but the color wheel is always in the way. and yeah i need it open all the time. So the whole close it thing doesn't work for me. I respectfully disagree that it is more trouble then it worth. It would not be hard to put the massive color wheel in a drop down toolbar. Look at frontpage, word or any number of high dollar wares. They all have it. I realize it's free in all but that doesn't change the fact that it's annoying as can be to move it out the way all the time. The transparency is a mute point, because if you do your work behind it all the time. I would hate to see the quality of your work. It needs to be in a toolbar bottom line. Anyone with half a brain reviewing it will surely drive home this point. Thanks
  3. Please, please, please consider giving us the option to pin the color/tools etc. windows to the toolbar. Please, please. I have to do a lot of zoomed-in detail work and I find myself always having to move them out my way. There's plenty of open space on the toolbar, it would be so much more convenient to just be able to use a pull down style for this. With of course the option to have the window when needed. I searched before posting and i cant believe that this has not bothered anyone else, as there were 0 results for "pin windows to toolbar". Thanks! and please, please, pretty please. PS. Awesome software. Super lite, I uninstalled paintshop pro for good.
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