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  1. Man, if you find the right mud, it's amazing as to what you can do. Mine has leaves scattered across it, but it looks like rock erupting out of the cracks. In short: AWESOME.
  2. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I needed a bit of help making this image with PdN.
  3. Could someone help me with making a guitar? The guitar I'm trying to replicate is one of Daron Malakian's...
  4. I discovered how to make a cool explosion. You have to start out with a circular Gradient. Just before you mess with Curves, Invert the picture.
  5. yeah i know but it is really hard to fix that because i need have the stars in the background and any type of blur will make the stars disappear. there is probably a way to fix it but idk. Oh, I see what you did. It was all done on one Layer, right? To do what I asked without messing with the other things, you have to make multiple Layers. But now that I know what you did, that's AMAZING!
  6. In my opinion, the spiral galaxy could do with a bit of a blur, to make it look like it's actually part of the space. Right now, it looks like somebody just slapped some paint on a bit of black. Everything else is good!
  7. Ah, I'll do that. In the meantime... I was working on this last night when a storm blew in and the power went out. I started from scratch again and it looks pretty good. This took me an hour to make.
  8. Because everyone loves a SHOOP DA WHOOP. Yeah, randomness. Edit: Also, if anyone could teach me some more advanced techniques, PM me. Please.
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