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  1. Guessing that is the Beths one? Lol. Joined Paint.net forums now Mister Lost my memory stick at school, so I can't check the website...
  2. I might try and do that when i get the chance. Thank You for the advice.
  3. I mainly made this website on a Mac computer, so the actual computer makes the text look alright, the text size at the moment is 25, what do you think i should change it to?
  4. Hello. I am here and new to Paint.net forums, i have not downloaded Paint.net because i am using a Mac, but i might download it on my laptop when i clear all the rubbish off it So i am on this thread to post my current project: I have started to make an online text based game and here is the link to the front page: http://pokemonoracle.web44.net If you look around the pages, you can see that they are NOT all finished. I hope for the registration page to be done soon and the actual game will be started to be worked on after i have done some upgrading and so on. So please look and please give me some constructive criticism on it (only the pages i have DONE) Thank You 9homie
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