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  1. heres another im obsesed now lolz. That ones more like a meteor lolz.
  2. This is a new one but photobuket made it smaller so its out of focus but it till looks ok. and this wont llet me do it cause its 1.9mb nd max is like 256 lmao
  3. lolz yeah np only bin usig this for like 2 days. lolz ya no probs sow lts see what else i can to lolz. 8)
  4. To do that just turn down the saturation completely before you invert the colour if that dont work do it the other way around. or you could at the end change the RGB curvest so that it looked a bit like mine but putting the blue in the bottom right box and the green in the on to the left of it. may need some ajustment.
  5. i did that but then i noticed i missed a duplicate layer near the end.
  6. Very good work! Looks quite nice, my fellow Hoosier! ;-) Thanks, although I don't know if I could repeat it. Lots of tweaking, undoing and redoing and experimenting with layer blending modes. This one was definitely a good learning experience. Did u use the mandelbrot set devise?
  7. heres mine hope you like it have done a few but this is the best.
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