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  1. Thanx for the n1 Tutorial I played a bit around with the values, especialy i doidn't put the Hue/saturation to 0 i keep it at about 20% of the bar or something. The Result was this: It was about my 5. Try. Im using it now as my MSN Userpic The first 2 are compleately bloody potato, because i missunderstood something when i translate it to german, after this i switch the paint.net language. Actualy im looking for a way to increase the size of the picture, what is a good rendering method to increase it? At least im looking for a big picture of dry mud ( something arround 1280x1024 or larger). Idea for further trys: If you do a Yellow "supernova" first, and then make another picture and adjust the Glow center point, if you combine them, it will look like the "sun" or "Nova" is increasing size(e.g. Red Giant) and "burning" away the planet.
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