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  1. I googled Yata. Yorkshire Area Team Anime :3 @Champjev Yeah thats me.
  2. RANT: Don't you hate people who don't signal when they change lanes or turn. :x
  3. Yes it is. First of all pick up your monitor and put it in front of a steamroller going downhill. Then take your keyboard to the nearest airport and send it to Thailand, next step is to place the mouse in a fireworks shop - remember to use a flamethrower on the fireworks folks. The last step is to install Windows 95 on your tower and give it to the Fox network. There ya go. Why is the tiger so good at eating doughnuts?
  4. Klexon:In Klexon, we enjoy various events to make friends in joyful atomospher. We plan interesting events like BBQ, Watching firefly, party, hiking, camp, fishing, waching changing leaves, making nudle, potery making, skiing, watching cherry blossum... Some of these events are difficult to do else where. We believe these events help people from abroad understand Japanese culture and make good friends! If you would like to these events, you first join us in the Tuesday meeting. In the meeting, we inform you how to join it. You can't join only in events without participating the Tuesday meeting.
  5. The Pope, George Bush and David Beckham. Where can i download Iraq?