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  1. Who would like to make this? (If there's plenty of interest I'll release the tutorial.)
  2. After seeking some help from LJXD I managed to come up with this: I'm now building an IP.Board skin that is based off of Windows Media Player 11.
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I tried a semi transparent before and it didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped, maybe I did something wrong but looking back I'm sure I did it right. LJXD, that is some seriously nice work! :shock: I downloaded the file and saw how you did it all, except for the glass on top. How'd you do the glass part? I understand transparency and such but how'd you get it curved like you did?
  4. Thanks, this might be useful. But what my main issue is with the colors. I've done the kiosk orb and orb tutorials and I like how they did it in the orb tutorial but when I get the colors they seem to brighten on me (I suspect the transparency on Layer 4 has something to do with this). I used some darker colors and it seemed to work better but I can't seem to get the bright blue in the very bottom to work out. I'm not remaking the button though, so Boltbait's plugin won't be used for this, but I might use it in the future. I'm just trying to make images for my IP.Board so my site has its own official theme. I'll play around with it a bit more and see what I can do.
  5. Okay, right now I'm having a little dilemma. I'm not the best when it comes to graphics and such, but I get around. However, as of the late I am having trouble making a very similar replica of the Windows Media Player 11 button theme. I want to make round buttons just like the WMP11 play button, I want it to be as close to that as possible. I've tried various ways, but for the most part it would end up messed up. If someone could help me personally or publish a tutorial and let me know of it then I'd appreciate it. If there is already a tutorial up that might be able to help me I'd appreciate a link to it. Thanks in advance for those that choose to help me.
  6. I'm new and was referred by a friend. I was amazed with Paint.NET and what all it could do, even more amazed that it was free. I've only been at this for a couple weeks now and I feel that I'm a natural when it comes to making stuff. I usually only read a tutorial once (twice most) before I understand it. Here's my result:
  7. I'd like to see text boxes that you can go back and edit in a future version of Paint.NET. It'd make editing text and all easier.
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