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  1. Same problem here, and like the others it started when I tried to update.
  2. Use the color picker to get the color of the wall, set the color transparency to about 190, then make a new layer use the paint bucket on the new layer, then cut the parts you don't want colored. quick version:
  3. Ya, if you would like to see what whith then Visit my galley
  4. Can somebody make a tutorial on how to make an eclipse please?
  5. I'm fairly new to Paint.net but I thought I'd post what I've don so far: 6/6/08 I don't know what I'm going to do with this :? , it's really more of a animation feat then graphic. 6/3/08 I made this to use as a banner for a site I'm making. I use a variation for my signature (not included in this post). 6/2/08 I made this image for a banner contest, I'm working on a animated version. more images coming soon...
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