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  1. how can i handle onClick events? >>tobi
  2. Hi, i´m trying to code a plugin, that change the prim color of pdn. Can you help me to get ideas for the implementation? >>tobi
  3. to ur info, :wink: i wanted a plugin, that get svg coordinates from a normal bmp. my problem was the override render method. This Method overwrites the svg file every time with the new catched coordinates. And the algorithm to recognize the edges was just to long for a plugin i think. regards
  4. no, not u or pnd sucks. my idea sucks. i realized now a c# project. i think its better for my requirements and easier to program... so long stay tuned
  5. Hi, I have no clue how to program a plugin which saves coordinates in a textfile of an object which is detectet by an algorithm. Can you help me, how i realize the part of saving the coordinates? regards tobi
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