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  1. A couple of things, I don't know the exactly place to post because I´m new in this forum, first I posted into the "General Coding / Programming" forum (steel waiting for an answer that can help me), then I realize that there is a forum for the plugin that i'm trying to use, so I posted there and somebody moved into this forum, that the reason why i'm here. I'm not trying to post in all the forums to find the correct answer, I'm trying to be in the correct forum, that's all. Sorry if seems like this. I think I don't explain myself very well, Why I need it`s to built this code for my own needs, I want program on it. Sorry again for the confution.
  2. Hi,I found the Conditional hue/saturation effect from Evan web page, this effect it's very interesting for me, so I want to program with the code of it, the problem it's that I don´t know which it's the correct way to add this code into the Paint.NET project. Does anybody knows about this effect? anybody run the project with the code of this effect? I hope anybody can help me. Thank
  3. I don`t want to be annoying but I can't steel run the project with the conditional Hue/Saturation effect. I don't know if there is another way to do that, does anybody try to run the code of this effect from or with the PAint.NEt project? I don't where to add this code into the Paint.NET project. Somebody help me please.
  4. I want to use the source code but i don't know how to do it. I tried adding the project of the effect in my Paint.NET project but nothing. I think this i not the correct way. Does anybody can help me? Thanks.
  5. I forgot to say that. I´m interested in the development, that`s why i´m trying to add the source code into the Paint.NET project. Is it possible? Thanks.
  6. "Any source code "project" files get opened in Visual Studio 2005/8 or Visual Studio C# Express 2005/8." I don`t know if you know about the plugin that i´m talking about but it comes with a dll (this one goes to the effects folder of Paint.NET) and the source code of the effect (i guess i can add this code to the Paint.NET project) anyway, I had no problem with the dll. The problem is with the source code , i´m trying to add it into the Paint.NET project but nothing, i don´t know how to do it. This de web page where i download the plugin: http://www.evanolds.com/pdnhs.html Thanks.
  7. Hi, The other day I found a plugin (Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin) and I tried to add the project of this plugin but I don´t really know how to do it. I tried to use the DLL with the paint project but it didn´t work. Does anybody can help me??? I already tried the DLL with the Paint that it´s install in my computer and works, but when i tried to do the same with the project but nothing.
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