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  1. Can somebody tell me what version of PDN can function under XP with SP2 installed rather then SP3 and a possible link to download it from? Thank you, Rick
  2. Hi guys, I'm used to a tool called the Smudge Tool. It blended two or more pixels together. I used it to blend a line or crack between two unlike textures to hide the line between the two. Can Paint.Net do this and how? Thanks,
  3. Everything seems to be working fine, now. :? I was going to post some screenshots but I can't get it to 'crash' anymore. :shock: Only change I made was to change the default .png file save to a .bmp file. :? I save to my desktop, btw. Thanks, Rick
  4. I have no choice, as I stated above, the dialog box is when it freezes. It pops up on default I guess. I believe it was a .png file at first I then reset the preferences to .bmp.
  5. Yes, the 'Browse' dialog comes up and that's where it freezes. I can't click on any 'option' within it once the dialog pops up except the big red X (close) which causes the shut down. Thought I might also add, if I close, (big X), while I've edited anything, and the 'in app' dialog pops up and asks me what I want to do, then click on 'save', it freezes there too. I have no saving abilities at all. Rick
  6. Hi all, I can't save anything with this version. I have to 'select all' then copy into Irfanview to save my work. No error messages, just locks up. Only option that works is the big red X then windows says it's not responding and needs to close. PC; Intel duo core processor clocked at 4.33 Ghz 4 gigs ram NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS with 640 mb ram 24" monitor at 1600 x 1200 res WinXP Pro Anyone got a clue why? Happy New Year, Rick
  7. Oops, forgot that step. Thanks again. I also tried it with a green fill and it looks pretty good, too. I'm catching on, though. I knew this app would be a good program. It's doing what I've always wanted to do but couldn't before now. I think I've got it, I just have to practice a bit more. I've now got to figure out what's causing the 'save'/'save as' crashes. Rick
  8. OK, it's me again. @barkbark, Your shading, the example you posted here is a perfect shadow and is what I'm trying to accomplish. Mine comes out as faded gray lines and doesn't look very good. How did you get the greenish shadow as opposed to my grayish shadow? Yours looks natural/realistic and mine looks added on. I could use a green hue instead of gray but it still would be a add on and not blended in as yours is. Thanks, Rick
  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I got it! It works wonderfully... That's exactly what I wanted to do. Rick
  10. Help. Newbie question. How do you select a certain color, (you said gray(hex = 3F3F3F) ), for the bucket fill??? I can't seem to find a 'color choice' option anywhere.
  11. OK, gotcha, thanks guys. I'll play with those instructions... Later, Rick
  12. @barkbark00. How did you get a 'clean' copy of the door? Is that the magic wand thing in removing all the red??? I'm still learning...
  13. I plan too as soon as I figure out this shading thing. Irfanview works for now. Thanks.
  14. This is my second attempt at Paint.net and didn't have any trouble with an earlier version but this 3.2 seems to crash on me when I save anything.
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