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  1. Can anyone give me a tut on animated sparkles? Different from the animated glitter, that one I can do. TIA Mandy
  2. I just wanted to post what I actually came up with, also my daughter does love hello kitty, we did that last year! LOL If anyone can give me some cc I would appreciate it! nevermind it's too big! damn!
  3. You're more than welcome if you want to drive an hour and a half to a 6 year olds skating birthday party! LOL
  4. that's why I stopped at 2 !! to say my thank you's! I did actually read the rules! LOL
  5. There isn't much we can do tutorial wise....sometimes you just need to know how to do stuff, and be able to do it. One of those situations where either you do it or we do it. :? you're probably right, but even one small suggestion could make a big difference. I had to at least try, I'm getting really frustrated! LOL
  6. OK So i want to make a birthday invitation (my daughter's 6th and 2nd birthdays) with their pics on it, and I've made a few rough drafts, but they all ended up just okay. I want to make it really special, really "awesome" looking LOL. Has anyone ever done anything like this before? They will be printed out as 5x7 photo's with a matte finish. I've searched the posts but came up with nothing. any ideas would be really helpful. Here's one that I have so far, but not loving it. TIA Mandy
  7. Ok so I got rid of anything that wsn't supposed to be in the effects folder! and whadaya know???? IT WORKED!!! WOOHOO!! it's only been 3 months! Thanks so much guys!! I really appreciate it!! It's a wonder I didn't break the whole damn computer!! LOL Thanks again!!
  8. ok so I figured out the screen shots... I know the fonts don't belong there, I thought I got rid of those. oops
  9. I have been using paint.net for a while now, but have had no luck with the plug-ins. I have downloaded and re-downloaded them and put them in the correct folder. (when I open the effects folder there are dozens of them in there) but they do not show up in my paint.net program. I have the newest version now and have tried downloading the updated versions of the plug-ins, and now I am getting "TROUBLE LOADING PLUG-INS" message. (this is the first time I am getting any message) I also have windows vista, could this be the problem? btw, I do have adm. privilleges. Anyone with advice?? PLEASE???? TIA
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