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  1. It does kinda. Thanks! But I think I'd had my ah-ha moment a bit ago, when I realized that you weren't talking about having both the frame and the cushion be transparent, but just the bit that has the most choice options. So in the case of the example site I posted, they've got only 21 "chair images" and each one has the frame filled in already, but the cushion is transparent. Then they just have to have a single image for each cushion fabric. Put the chosen frame image on top of the chosen fabric image, and the cushion is the only bit that allows the fabric image to show through. Right? I
  2. Okay, so after re-reading Simon's post and Carl's response. I think I had an Ah-ha moment about what he's talking about. I decided to edit my last post rather than create another one. NOW, I think you guys are telling me that I would have a single image for each chair with the frame filled in appropriately, and the cushion as the transparent bit. Then I would show an image that matched the frame they chose over the top of an image of the fabric they chose. Sound about right? Thanks heaps again... ----- original response ----- Simon, Thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm thinkin
  3. Sorry for the lame subject of this post, but I'm not an imaging guru by any stretch. I just figured that someone here would know how to do what it is that I'm trying to do. I'm looking at a website that has a custom design tool (http://www.brownjordan.com/econfig/inde ... cutta%20II). It shows a piece of furnature (a chair in the case of the link above) and the manufacturer has all sorts of fabrics that can be used for the cushion of the chair and several colors or textures that can be used for the frame of the chair. Now, it's not too difficult to see that they've got an image for each pos
  4. ROFL! I'll do that... good suggestion. BTW, MadJik *was* gracious enough to shoot me a copy of the water dll that he thinks will work with v.2.72. Many thanks to the admins and other folks in the forum for letting me bend the rules to find what I needed.
  5. That's kinda what I thought, but I still appreciate Crazy Man Dan's effort.
  6. Well, that sorta explains stuff for me. I appreciate the effort. I've got a PM waiting. Fingers crossed that it's MadJik with some good news. :wink:
  7. If you do decide to try out The GIMP: Note that the new version of The GIMP (2.4.x) is also WinXP+ only. The GIMP guys do keep a repository of old versions on their GIMP-Win download site here: http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/old.html 2.2.17 is the most recent version Windows 2000 will run. You'll also need the download package for the GTK+ library version 2.10.13 from the same page. The GTK+ package needs to be installed before the GIMP install proper. Thanks heaps Crazy Man Dan! I appreciate the help here too. I think I'll try PM'ing Madjik first. Maybe if he's got an old copy -- and he
  8. That's all I was hoping for. But I didn't know who to contact. Now I do. But if not for my persistence, I'd not have gotten that piece of information. I think perhaps my perception is a result of the condescending tone of the rules and the speed with which all of my topics got shut down. And the attitude that I'm not allowed to ask a question unless I'm on the latest version. I understand that this is community supported software, so let the community decide which questions they'll try to answer and which ones they won't. So if a user is on 3.01 and the most recent version is 3.10 then,
  9. Interesting, there's a little black spot next to all of the topics I've posted in. I don't see a definition of that icon at the bottom of the page. I'm guessing this is like being blackballed? I feel like a subversive. Geesh. :shock:
  10. ... before my topic got locked... for what it's worth here's what I was going to say in my last post in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=21630, (this was to be my response to david.atwell)... I just finished reading the rules while waiting for a reply (to the topic which is now locked). So this post is probably a no-no (guess I was right, it's since it is now locked). Seems pretty elitist if you ask me, but what do I know? It seems to me they could easily make a section of the forum dedicated to us poor sods who are being left in the dust due to circumstances out of our control. Also, i
  11. Hi folks, I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm only able to use up to version 2.72 of Paint.Net (since, we don't have anything beyond Windows 2000 here at work), and I'm looking to find a copy of water.dll that will work with this version. If anyone has an old copy lying around that they could shoot me in an email or something that'd be great, and it would really help me out. Cheers, Chris
  12. I cannot run the most current version of paint.net. I can only run upto version 2.72 (I think that's where it stopped working on windows 2000) since that's all we have at work. So, yes there is a legitimate reason to need to run older versions of the plug-ins, and older versions of the paint.net itself. Do you really think someone wouldn't upgrade if they could? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Chris
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