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  1. Crazy Ninja - awesome sig, really catches my eye 9/10!
  2. Yes, I understand that RGB to another color model is not linear, but it can be converted back and forth, with a little bit of loss, true. But that is not really the problem here. Let's just forget RGB and work with HSV. I have a color that has an H, S, and V component. The Hue/Saturation tool allows me to "Add" to the hue and lightness, and adjust saturation (another add I assume, but maybe that is where I am getting goofed up.) If I want it to add 140 to the hue, 15 to saturation, and 10 to lightness, the result is not my expected H 343, S100, V73, it is something different. I get H 343, S 88, V 88. Why is that? OK, so I've got the "picture" - so to speak - that this is not what the plugin is supposed to do. So where do I find that "color replacement tool"? Thanks! Oh, and I don't want to replace just one color, but many shades of that color. My baseline color makes up about 90% of the image, and is complex enough that I don't want to hand replace all the different shades by hand.
  3. I think I have a good understanding of the mechanics of the plugin. I use the right hand window to isolate the range of colors I want to operate on. Then I select Add to add the amount of hue I want to get to my desired color, adjust the saturation, and again, select Add to add the amount of lightness. And it does - well - it does it, but not to the exact color I'm shooting for, and I just don't understand why. It's just math. Right? OK, a challenge. Open a new image and just make a solid square block with this RGB color: R 24, G 107, B 161 Now change the color to R 187, G 0, B 51 using this plugin. If you are successful on the first attempt - please let me know how it is done. This is a very simplistic example, but if you can tell me how to make the one solid color to change as I expect it to, then it should work for a complex image that has many shades of that color and adjust them accordingly, too. I'm pretty much a noob at image editing, so please forgive me if I am way off the mark on this, and let me know how this should really be done. Thanks!
  4. Hello All, I have an image of a locomotive for MS Train Simulator that I want to convert from blue to red. I thought that this plugin would be perfect for this job, but I have not found a way to precisely control the result I am looking for. The main part of the image has a HSV of 203-85-63 and I want that converted to HSV 343-100-73. It does a very good job converting all the colors and I can get my main color close, but I can't hit it precisely or consistently. I notice that the color picker in PdN uses HSV format, but this plugin uses HSL. I am assuming that this is throwing me off because the color picker H range is 0-360, S range is 0-100, and V range is 0-100. The plugin H range is -180 to 180, the S range is 0-200, and L range is -100 to 100. Is this the tool I need to use or is there something else I need to get, or is what I am trying to do possible? Thanks, Ted
  5. I searched the forum how to do this, but couldn't find a solution, so, how do you draw a circle where the center of the circle stays at the point where the circle is drawn from?
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