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  1. Ok guys! I'm sorry for geting so frustrated. It's not like I was mad at anyone I was mad at myself... I just needed to crop some photos I needed for a presentation and I did not have the time to figure out how to do it. I lost my patience and I'm sorry for that. I've been on many other forums and everyone on them have helped me on many isues countless times. So, I appreciate your help as well and I promise I'll be good next time round. I've decided to set a block of time just to learn more about Paint.net if there is anyway I can make it up to you guys let me know!! Sincerely George
  2. I don't want to resize I don't want any aspect ratio I'm not gonna sit here and try to figure out mathematically what size I want me picure to be!! What? I need to take aspect ratio classes? I have not time for this!...I just want to cut off a part of a photo of my choosing WITHOUT changing ANYTHING ELSE!-That's it! I can't understand why it's so hard to find this cropping method on Paint Net..I'm racking my brains trying to find it! Why can't they put it in the edit section? Why is it that the crop selection is inactive?! While the CANVAS SIZE feature might appeal to many, it would be great if there was another one called MANUAL CROPPING and all you had to do is move each any (or all) 4 sides of the photo to the point where you want it and hit CROP and BAM! it's done! Now I can go one with my life and have kids!
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