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  1. Excellent! That couldn't be any more exactly what I am looking for, and I really appreciate that link. I just followed the link and saw the subject matter this morning ... will return after my tennis match to do an in-depth read, with side-by-side experimentation. As to adjusting each frame ... I don't mind that at all ... I have done sixty cells: ten 'folds' twenty two-stripe flags thirty three-stripe flags Still to do: thirty three-band flags ... and several combinations, such as are used in the flag of Oman . (I am trying to standardize on the 68X50 ten cell animations.) So doing t
  2. I have these images (the national flag of the Ukraine is the primary component, folds (only one of ten cells shown here) is the modifier) that I would like to merge, with the 'folds' darkening the corresponding pixels in the primary. (I also have a version of folds without the flag pole, so that wouldn't be canceled out ... this version is just to show the relative positions of everything.) I have absolutely no graphics talent, and have just begun learning to use the basics of Paint.net. Perhaps the answer to my question lies in the (proprietary?) file format .pdn ... which I have not sea
  3. Is it possible with Paint.net to change the internal GIF information, specifically the original size and creating URL? I changed a two line graphic text image into a single line, but my browser shows the original dimensions ... and the original location(!) of the image, and displays the wrong image. View "http://gooroosgruntz.info/4-High_On_Sweetz.html" for the example I want to fix. Clicking on the "CANDLEZ..." image and selecting properties results in the URL of the web site being replaced ... and the original dimensions with the notation that it is re-sized to the desired dimensions. Bu
  4. I am creating square dance move animations, and basically creating a "tool kit" of components that may be 'dropped' into a 135X132 pixel box. This thread addresses the minor problem I am having ... cutting down an image into its minimum size. The 'male' figures are fairly easy to handle, since they are simple squares; the 'female' figures are my problem, since they are circles. My first attempt at creating a female figure generated a 20X20 pixel image ... and it turns out that only 17X17 is really required. The leads in this thread will allow me to pare my components down to size. Thank y
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