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  1. 7/10 its a little bleh but still a little wee! (as in joy wee)
  2. *wince* uh...sorry for....you know...wont do it again promise :oops:
  3. *edit* 4 get that, any ways who i dont respect at all is namiyoshi and el che garcia!
  4. Oh dear me, we have a spammer. How unfortunate. Anyways, what is the meaning of "true" love? a spammer? wth?
  5. cool and no ders nothing like this! so f off
  6. who do you respect the most/who was the first person that helped you or something like that? that is, of course, including the mods because we ALL love and respect them but also include a non mod person (and besides the develpors) mine: i, personally, respect ash and freak because i love what they can come up with, and are both very talented
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