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  1. False. Yay for dictionary's TBPM has tried out the new ipod nano.
  2. This smilie indeed: 8) Soccer or BMX?
  3. I'm still, horrible, but then again, with all the things that's happening at my school.....I don't have that much time >_>;;
  4. False I guess..O_o;; TPBM likes ...horror movies.
  5. Turning...... 14 this oct, but from my friends perspective, they would've easily mistaken me for a 20 yr old :shock:.........and my teachers always mistake me for a 20 yr old as well. :? EDIT:And yes, I know who MC Hammer is, I do own a dvd/vhs set. I also like doing the hustle by Van McCoy. There was a time that I saw HUMONGOUS cellphones, wayyyyyy back then. I played pong before, anddddddd I listen to The Beatles every now and then. But never went to a concert of them. 8)
  6. True and false, I rarely use it, and I don't like using it at all. TPBM hates little things.(I.e mice, ants, etc.)
  7. .........Oh nevermind >.> I found something similar to it, I need some ramen, I need my smartness back >_<;;; EDIT: I know I make topics seem WAYYYYYYYYY off the topic itself
  8. Worship...? He's like the god of sigs. On another note:Is there a plugin that turns black and white and flashes the pic,image that you're working on..?
  9. Welcome! I'm new to paintdotnet as well, but haven't much time due to school and friends. :?
  10. true and false,I would love to have a job, but I'm still in school and need to wait 3 years before I get a job itself. :? :? TPBM likes sports..?
  11. Quick Story short~~ 1. Otaku-I'm obsessed with anime, and 2. I'm a gal(girl,gal same concept ) So yea thats where my name is from, ppl call me tak,taku etc.
  12. :o Then why do I laugh at friends that cut themselves on purpose?(i.e most are emo, most are not. ) It's what makes the world go round, money and pain
  13. Grah, I want pie now Ya but pie is good for the soul =]] TPBM likes.........cookies..? :o
  14. False, I only use two similes. TPBM likes taking pictures.
  15. False, I laugh at slow people. TPBM likes to read books.
  16. Refresh rate of 20hz. Ramen (Japanese noodles) or Spaghetti?
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