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  1. Heres MOI Yeah, Iv got a few piercings. 16 at count and 7 Tattoos
  2. First Name:Aleisha Location:New Zealand Age:19 Occupation:Student Hobbies:Bass guitar, Cars, Music, Art, Kicking Emos. Favorite tech item:Cell phone Favorite and most despised software:Paint.net and Most despised....Can i say Vista i know its a OS but still.... Favorite and most despised games:I love The Warriors On xbox and i CANT stand bloody cartoon ones eg dragon ball z Favorite and most despised movies:The Butterfly Effect. Despised-anyblack and white movie Apart from sincity Favorite and most despised television series:CSI for fav not sure about despised Favorite and most de
  3. Im from New Zealand!!! And no its not apart of Aussie..
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