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  1. alright! okay, that explains a lot thanks!
  2. I did, its in its own layer.. I know that far, and its over the original image. Edit: What I simply want is an outline for the text, like if theres black text over black image, you need white outline, right? Thats all I want, but it won't let me
  3. So I just heard this program is similar to photoshop in some ways, and I wanted to try it out! Fair enough, I installed it, made sure I had frameworks, which I do, and tried the most necessary feature, the outline feature. Only problem is, it seems to do it inverted for some weird reason. Check out the the images below. Nevermind the images themselves, I just chose a random one for a test. the text "yo im dope" in the middle of the picture is the one im trying to get an outline on. As you can see on picture number two, you can actually see traces of a successful outline, only it's inverted. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
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