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  1. Does anyone have any idea how to get a blue fire with the same sort of flames and everything?? One of my friends asked me to get a blue fire for him to use in one of his sigs for a forum he uses a lot...... Thanks for any ideas pics or tips!! I think i found a way to edit my previous fire into blue flames... just had to play with hue/saturation adjustments... Any ideas on how to make one from scratch though?
  2. this is a sig i made with your fire tut.... theres my original fire i did....with your tut...lolz and last but not least...an explosion
  3. i cant seem to get my plugins to work...can someone explain how to put them inside the Paint.net program?? maye i did that wrong...lolz....thanks for any and all help
  4. nice siggy, i like PSP...lol...im getting one soon... i give ya 8/10 mine kinda basic and everything......but i am new to this kind of designing...so i thought it was kinda cool
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