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  1. hmm.. that does actually sound like a plan.... im gunna try it out,, thx for the idea 8)
  2. hmm.. well i searched around a bit... nothin on google.. and i couldnt find nething on DeviantArt ,, o well.. i kno theres gatta be sumthin out there... if any1 knos or finds anything... i'd appreciate it if ya could drop me a link... thx tons
  3. mmm.. iC ,, ill try that out... jus thought there was like a site that had a whole bunch of picture templates/frames.... like w/ the fonts... but its all good thx for the help... ill prolly find the site
  4. hmm.. GIS ? ok,, ill just google GIS... see what comes up.. but not too sure what u meant with what you said.. sowwie
  5. was wondering if any1 knos any good sites to get picture frame/templates.... i tried searching but i had no luck... thx guys
  6. o .. thx for the help :? ,, i figure'd it out neways
  7. yata would it be too much of a pain for you.. to ask ya for ur yahoo id ? lol... it would be jus awesome to ask u a question on there.... if not .. thats koo,, im sure i can find sum1 on this forum that wouldnt mind me addin em... i jus need a lil help on this firey text ! -_- im gunna keep looking at the tutorial... well c thx neways
  8. ok.. ill try that when i get it all ready... and Ohhhh you mean that in the program the help... ic ic -_- ,,
  9. hmm.. ok "yata" ... so i take it after i have my firey text all good to go.. in my second layer... and in my first layer i have my jpeg file... i merge those 2 layers together?... hmm but wouldnt i have to align the firey text to where i want.... and i dont fully understand the fire text tutorial...because the guy that wrote it..wasnt too specific... but i plan to try n get it right... ( o PS .. where is that HELP topics you said about... cant find it >.< )
  10. first off i love this program.... been using it for like 3 hours so far.... i noticed this program only saves as paint.NET image, was wondering if theres any possible way to convert it too JPEG or sumthing to that type... hmm also wondering... what would this program be made mostly for... obvously image effects.... but im jus not sure what its all about.. would any1 have any ideas for what im trying to do here .. i have this jpeg image that i made --> and i wated to try and make sum kool firey text in paint.NET,, try to sum how paste that over to the JPEG file... and have it looks snappy.... jus not sure if its even possible :? ,, any help with my questions... glady appreiciate it thx guys
  11. why cant i get past this step..... its just not change the effect when i do it... ?