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  1. I was basing the Dimensions with the thing next to that. That said, 13,000 Pixels, or whatever..
  2. Ok, I tried your tutorial, and I had a few problems. When you said to make the circle exactly 400 Pixels, for my screen, it was the size of my fingernail or less. So I made it as big as your picture on the tutorial. Another thing, for the TEXT, I could not find "Drop Shadow" under the "Effects" Tab. Any help? On my first try, this is what I came out with.
  3. Looks like a good World Map to me. A little editing to it needs to be done and it can look real =)
  4. Just testing to see if a Signature I made came up =D
  5. Ok, I re-did my attempt with the "EXPLAINED" Tutorial you show me there CJ. BTW - Thanks =D
  6. I'd love to figure out how to do this, Can anyone help me?
  7. Ok, I just recently started using Paint.NET. You tutorial helped in some ways. But a lot of it wasent very detailed and I could find many of the buttons. - I could find "Flatten Image" And idk if it was just me, but my image came out with. - 2 layers. I had one layer with clouds, the other with text. I dont know how to merge them into each other to make it look fiery and such. So I had one image with the text and a red background to it. The other image with the clouds. As before, your tutorial wasent really descriptive. Maybe can somone help me out with it? also, How would I be able to upload the image since it's in a weird extension that "Photobucket" wont even allow me to upload.
  8. Ok well, I just started using paint. I've manage to find the Clouds under the "Effects" tab, but thats mostly it. Maybe if you gave a little bit more of a descriptive tutorial on how to make this? If so, Thanks!
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