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  1. I just had an idea about how to spread paint.net you see firefox have this thing called firemongerhttp://www.firemonger.info/index.php?lang=en&page=home which is burnable material so when you want to give paint.net to someone you just burn the cd and give it away but the difference is that the cd contains all explanations links tutorials addons and so on so when somebody gets the cd he has a nice autostart with everything he needs. so what about that?

  2. Luka,

    Honda was joking with the "I invented this", as one of the earlier post in this thread said "I'm surprise honda didn't say he invented this"...

    I figured it would be a .exe, I have all sorts of ebooking tools too.

    But yeah, I can host some on my site so that the download will take place from there, but, if you put it up on a few different sites, it will be a great way to keep people's bandwidth usage for the download down to a minimum.

    I have a lot of bw, except those months when spammers choke me out.

    Anyway, good stuff.


    no i will not use all of your bandwith i will host it on my sites and other sites too, if you would like to it will be just one link out of many

  3. I invented the internets... LOL..

    Actually though, If you want to split up some bandwidth, you might ask a few people to a host a copy.

    I would be willing to host a copy on one or ten of my sites if need be.


    ok. may i contact you as soon as i finish??

    currently i am at an early development stage trying to create a good cover. And also for those who are interested it is gonna be an application, not a web page

  4. The forum is staying as-is because I don't want to spend time maintaining it. By having it on forumer.com it takes away almost all of the maintenance and management burden. Which gives me more time to work on Paint.NET, do other work, drink beer, hang out with girls, etc.

    Oh and to transfer the forum all you need is to back up the mysql database save the backup and upload it somewhere else.

  5. I have no problem with you using my tutorial as long as you give credit, and do not sell or make people pay to use them / view them.

    I have to ask how ever how will this E-Book work ???. Does it link to the tutorials or is it something else.

    but it would be good if (at least the sticked) ones were also on the http://www.getpaint.net homepage and maybe even in different languages =)

    Yes I want to do the tutorials in other languages as well. One of my idea with dextut was to try and find people who knows a 2nd language to convent the tutorials to. But it may be hard to find people to do this for free as it does take up time.

    Yes you will get credit. No i will not charge for it. Yes i will translate them to as many languages as i know (russian, georgian, german).

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