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  1. That one worked. But it applies to all the picture. I tried to do the same with a text, but it didn't have the expected effect... Never mind... I found another tutorial which is more precise and simple here. Not exactly the same but it works at once. Thanks a lot.
  2. I'm just a bit fed up to try it again and again and not getting the wanted effect... I just let it down... But thanks to all for the quick answers... Maybe I'll find it out sooner or later...
  3. It still doesn't work for me. I did what you said. That's not the point, there's something else going wrong. Is there any PDN so that I see what I missed ? I don't understand why it doesn't work...
  4. Sorry, but this is the only thing I got : What is wrong ? I just don't get it ! What do you mean by applying the cloud effect a "bunch" of time ? I applied it 50 times and it still doesn't work... Thanks for the tutorial by the way...
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