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  1. I know about the transparency threshold in the GIF save dialog. What I'm saying is that pixels above that value but not fully opaque shouldn't be made simply white. Instead, their transparency should be bumped up to 255, thus preserving the color. For example: if a pixel has color RGBa(1, 2, 3, 200) it should be made into RGB(1, 2, 3), instead of RGB(255, 255, 255). This would be incredibly useful in a number of cases, and I see no situation in which such a behavior would be unwanted. If you consider there are such situations, a checkbox in the GIF save dialog would be nice.
  2. It's been quite a few Paint.NET releases since I started this thread, but still, this feature hasn't been implemented. I'm bumping this thread in hope of remembering the developers of this request. Can this feature be in the next release(s)? Pweaaaaaase
  3. Yes, it probably happens to everyone, but I was saying that probably no one noticed it yet, or didn't post it. I don't think it's normal behavior.
  4. Using PDN v3.30 (I know 3.31 is out, but it's 'mostly a servicing release to fix a few important bugs', and by looking at the changelog this issue isn't fixed) Ok, here goes my problem. Now, I don't know if PDN is supposed to act like this, but the way I see it, it isn't. If you use the recolor tool and the primary color is transparent, after recoloring, the new color will be 100% opaque, even if alpha was set to 5, or whatever. Is this normal?..
  5. Ok here goes. I took a picture (in JPG format). I cropped it using Paint.NET and saved it with another name. Now, the thumbnail windows explorer shows represents the old picture (uncropped) although when I open it it's the new, cropped one. Is this a bug? It should represent the new, cropped picture, shouldn't it? And yes, I did refresh the window a few times to make sure. Using PDN 3.20.
  6. Well I looked for it here and didn't see it so I thought it hadn't been requested... Anyway I'm glad you're going to implement it, keep up the excellent work!
  7. It's been like 3 or 4 days and no response . I really want this feature bad... Any chance of it getting implemented?
  8. So, any word from the developers? Is this possible? Any chances it will be a feature of a future version of Paint.NET? It is actually the only thing that bothers me about Paint.NET... Except that, I love it
  9. How about adding a choice for corner radius when using Rounded Rectangle? Maybe adding a new parameter, like the arrows? That would really be a great feature, I just hope it isn't too hard to implement :?.
  10. Well, uhm... You can ignore this post since I'm trying to do something Paint.NET was not meant to be able to do. But here goes. I'm trying to compile Paint.NET under Linux, using Mono. It all sounded promising and Mono looks professional and I really thought it could do it... but... I get this error when trying to import the Visual Studio .NET Project: Importing solution Importing project: /home/felix/My Documents/kits/pdn-src/src/Effects/Effects.csproj ERROR: Could not import project:/home/felix/My Documents/kits/pdn-src/src/Effects/Effects.csproj. There is an error in XML document. Did anyone else try this? How did it go?
  11. Real great plugin! Thanks a lot! Although one suggestion: could you make it tile a specific selection, and not an image?
  12. 1. Those are too thick, I want 1-pixel wide lines 2. Thanks a lot! Exactly what I was looking for! 3. I know a bit about coding myself and I would be able to make that effect in PHP for example in like, say, 10-20 minutes, that's why I said that it would probably be trivial. Anyway, thanks a lot for pointing me to that plugin .
  13. I'm a very big fan of Paint.NET but there's one thing I'm missing. That thing is simple tiling. I'm a webdeveloper and use Paint.NET for graphics for websites a lot. A nice effect I like to give to pages is "diagonal lines" background. On sites, that's easy to achieve, create a 3x3 image, fill it with whatever color and using the Pencil make three dots with another color, then use CSS to repeat that image all over the background. But sometimes that's not enough, and I want to make a nice gradient with diagonal lines, that will mean a bigger image and will mean that I have to tile the 3x3 image. Currently that's impossible so I usually take a screenshot of the page with the 3x3 image background and paste it in Paint.NET (!!!). I really think coding this would be trivial (I don't know any .NET coding or I would've done it myself) considering what you have done so far. The way I see this done is like this: make a selection using any select tool, go to effects -> tile, maybe have a choice to tile it on the x-axis, on the y-axis, or both, click OK and the selection would be repeated all over the layer. I think it would be a really great feature and it would make Paint.NET a lot better, at least for me.
  14. You don't seem to have any clouds in your image. You should try to increase the contrast a bit. You should make it more yellowish... I didn't use the plugin, I just used the Adjustments -> Curves -> RGB technique, and slightly raised red and green... It really gives it a more "antique" look...
  15. I took this: and turned it into this: Awesome tut!
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