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  1. I'll ask my roommate when he wakes up tomorrow. He's one of those "Linux will solve world hunger" "I hate Windows" "who cares if it takes 10 hours to do...as long as you did it yourself" types...


    Thx a bunch

    I just discoverd GIMP can do really similar stuff as Paint.NET, but I still like PDN better

  2. Does anyone know a way to get Paint.NET on to linux?

    I recently got ubuntu on my computer cuz I absolutely hated Vista.

    I want a good graphics editor to use on my computer, and I am not very good with GIMP.

    I have heard of something called Wine, but I have no idea what it is.


  3. Hey everybody

    I have seen a lot of people on this forum with some real talent.

    Buzkill for example

    I am a member of a freelance programming website called scriptlance.com

    People who are real good at paint.net might want to check it out because i have seen a lot of jobs for Graphic Design, it could get you a bit of extra money


    For IE 7.0 goto Page menu and select View Source. You'll see the code. Save it as button.html and you could open it in IE...

    That's not all the stuff, but a start!

    I wrote the code for the button myself;

    what i meant was that i cant figure out how to make HTML code work in the forums instead of BBCode

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