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  1. lekremyelsew

    Post Your Desktop Thread

    Go Ubuntu! I actually made the background in GIMP http://lekremyelsew.googlepages.com/Screenshot.jpg For john hanson: How do you get the tool options window to be part of the main window in GIMP?
  2. lekremyelsew

    Rate the sig of the poster above you!

    Extra: 9/10 it looks sweet! jpope: 8/10 a lttle loud
  3. lekremyelsew

    Paint.NET on Linux

    Haha Thx a bunch I just discoverd GIMP can do really similar stuff as Paint.NET, but I still like PDN better
  4. lekremyelsew

    Paint.NET on Linux

    Does anyone know a way to get Paint.NET on to linux? I recently got ubuntu on my computer cuz I absolutely hated Vista. I want a good graphics editor to use on my computer, and I am not very good with GIMP. I have heard of something called Wine, but I have no idea what it is. Anyone?
  5. lekremyelsew


    Hey everybody I have seen a lot of people on this forum with some real talent. Buzkill for example I am a member of a freelance programming website called scriptlance.com People who are real good at paint.net might want to check it out because i have seen a lot of jobs for Graphic Design, it could get you a bit of extra money
  6. lekremyelsew

    reason for av. and sig.

    My sig is just my internet name (Its my real name backwards) May avatar is just a smaller version of my sig The reason they are all fiery is cuz i like fire!
  7. lekremyelsew

    myspace layouts

    This is how i learned CSS: http://www.echoecho.com/css.htm Its really not that hard, and its really useful once you get used to it!
  8. lekremyelsew

    Making glass buttons

    That sux oh well
  9. lekremyelsew

    Making glass buttons

    I wrote the code for the button myself; what i meant was that i cant figure out how to make HTML code work in the forums instead of BBCode
  10. lekremyelsew

    Making glass buttons

    I threw this together when i saw this tutorial I would just have the image be right here, but i cant figure out how to make html work http://lekremyelsew.googlepages.com/button.htm
  11. lekremyelsew

    Y'know what Paint.net needs?

    I'm sorry guys but i cant figure out how to download the plugin that Ed Harvey made :oops: I'm not that great with forums, sorry