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  1. "Oh yes, I will bend over backward and spend a lot of time to optimize this!" Ok, easy now. Just giving you some feedback here, and I really appriciate what you are doing with Point.NET (and I beleave that you wish to make Paint.NET as perfect as possible. Every programmer wants that with their creations). There is no need to get angry. But back to the topic. It seems (to me) that the whole copy-thing needs re-design; no optimization can fix that. The design just dont work with large images.
  2. "If you really need the performance then honestly I just have to recommend that you use your copy of Photoshop." Quite weird attitude you got there...
  3. Well, Photoshop obviously. I'm using the elements version. I did some measurements on my own computer (2GHz, 1G RAM) with image of size 3000x1800 pixels, it took 4.7 seconds to copy the image with Ctrl+C. With Photoshop it took about 0.7 seconds. Then I doubled the image size to 6000x3600 and copied again. Photoshop copied in 0.75 seconds, while Paint.NET copied the image 70 seconds.
  4. Could there be an option, that enables user to select whether to use Paint.NET in MDI mode, or in single canvas mode?
  5. Hi. Copying a large image to clipboard can be very slow. I had a jpeg photo with size of appr 3000x1800 pixels. I copied it to clipboard to paste it to another picture (well, i noticed the import to layer method to do this properly), and it took like 15 seconds to perform the copying, while some other imaging software can perform similar task in no-time. When dealing with high resolution print quality images, this can really slow you down. Some re-think or optimization would be in place here. Thanks, Antti
  6. Thanks for the great plugin Though, I noticed a slight error with icon saving logic. When you select 1. File->Save As..., 2. select a filename (icon as file format), 3. click Save, and then 4. hit Cancel to the icon save mode dialog, an empty icon file is created to the desination folder. Yes, it's little, but it can be annoying. But thanks again.
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