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  1. Ok, did some more testing. The error only occurs when I click My Documents and the folder type is Thumbnails. Not with Names, Tiles, Icons, List, Details. Fortunately this error also appears in other programs now I see. So it's not a Paint.Net related issue. Sorry for the confusion. Ralph
  2. Hi, Actually I'm not opening a file / an image yet. (your new title isn't accurate there for) The thing I do is _browse_ for a file. Let me explain the steps. 1. Start Paint 2. Click File - Open. Paint opens a dialogbox where I can browse for a file. (I noticed that the default location that shows is the location where the last image I worked with is. For this error to occur make sure the dialogbox does not open with My Documents - My Pictures but with My Desktop). Paint displays the Open dialogbox like this http://www.jonkers.net/audio/bug2.jpg 3. Now click on My Documents on the left hand navigation (from top to bottom: My Recent Documents, Desktop, My Documents, My computer, My network) 4. Error like the one in my first post occurs. Paint does not crash but is simply frozen. I have to end the program by closing it from the task manager. Ps: although this is my first post on this forum I enjoyed using Paint.Net from the early 2.x version. I also used almost every beta / RC prior to installing the final 3.0 version today. Never had any problems with it. Ralph
  3. Edit by Rick: More accurate title. This isn't a crash. Today I installed 3.0 final. I can't open any images from the My Documents folder. When I click the My Documents folder when browsing for an image I get this error. Never happened prior to this final version. Ralph
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