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  1. dam MadJik, i like that flame behind the smiley, how did you do that? just the fire
  2. yeah, i got a queston, when you press the button for cloud effects, you get a different option button than me. I get this one . and its quite different than mine. Mine gives me a different design of clouds, plus when i press Ctrl+F or add clouds to the smae layer, the old oens go away and then the new ones take over. here are screen shots thats before i press Ctrl+f, and this is what i get after . and when i try to add clouds of a different setting, i get this i think it just erases the clouds from before and adds new ones, and no matter what value i put, it nvr comes to look like Tom Ja
  3. yeah, thanks for making this, but i still don't understand the clouds layer, can you help me with that? how do i add the clouds? and what is the clouds?
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