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  1. I found another free paint program that has a pretty cool warping tool. I lost everything in a fire Dec. 23. Once I rebuild I'll take my fire/water damaged computer and see if it still works. If nothing else I think I can take my old hard drive and install all my programs to this computer. With Paint.net and a couple other free programs I think I can work on stuff for the next couple months. Thank again for the replies.
  2. I messed around with it and couldn't find anything to warp with. O'well, It's still a great art program. And again, this is a great site!
  3. http://images.artwanted.com/mb/31/32530 ... _thumb.jpg I did this using warping. (edit) I stretched the eyelid, mouth, cheek etc. then animated each step.
  4. Just joined this site, Very cool everyone! Does Paint.net have a warping tool?
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