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  1. After prolonged use, some of the buttons on the contextual properties disappear.. Like the arrow button next to the font size that you click to expand the menu and see the list of fotn size options..
  2. I think it'de be nice.. What doy ou guys think?
  3. This seems to be a really neat addition o=in Phostoshop CS3 and I'de like to see it. maybe in the future of PDN?
  4. So, I have an imagw ith some text in it and I want to move the letters around...
  5. Okay, so what I want to do is apply the look of people in Whitehnosie to a couple of my photos.. Here are some pics for those who haven't seen the movie http://youtube.com/watch?v=nTFAsT2u75g& ... ed&search=
  6. How would I go about a) Giving people the "ghost" look in photos? Making it look lik epeople's eyes are glowing?
  7. Question Does PDN have a find and replace feature for colors? Sggestion More predefined shapes like speech bubbles, etx. Make the glow effect actually make it glow like the lasers in this shot: (it actually adds stuff outside the selected object) That's it.
  8. How do I move a selection of an image independently of the rest? Edit : when I move my mouse over the selected area, it doesn't change to the "move" icon.
  9. Can paint dot net take the souroundings of an object and estamiate to produce a recreation?
  10. Hello, I found Paint dot net awhile back. Amazing program. Although, I hate how people confuse it with MS Paint (POS.) So, anyhow I'm working on a UT2007 mod and I need to create a glossly looking button for my updates. How would I go about doing this?
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