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  1. Great Thanks for the solution best regrads Torsten
  2. Im using Win10 pro (1903) currrently I'm using 4.1.6 and this Version is working fine. The Grafic card I'm using is a NVidea Geforce GT 525M When I now try to update to the latest Version, I always get following error (See Screen shot) How can I solve it best regards Torsten
  3. Dear BoltBait, Thanks, this solves the problems thanks for the kind and fast support best regards Torsten
  4. Hello, i have an Installation Problem with V4.0.21 on Win10 (latest Version with all updates) The installer shows following error Message (see screenshot) how can i solve the problem Where can i download the old Version V4.0.19 for the meantime best regards Torsten
  5. strange, in the old Version I get it managed to print (jpg files) thanks for the Info Torsten
  6. Hello, why the printing under Win2K is not longer working in V2.63. In my older Version V2.61 it was possible. Is their a workaround for this? otherwise I have to download the old Version again and remove V2.63 again from my PC best regards Torsten