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  1. lol, it isnt a bug, or this bug isnt there any longer First, I had this problem too, but its very easy: Move the cursor OUT OF THE SELECTED AREA. If you have reached a few of pixels as distance, you can move the area.
  2. Yes, I thought so. I sayed it yet: read the tutorial about making Glass Orbs. They are nice avatars And by the way: it is ALWAYS helpfull to read ALL (or many) of the tutorials here, if you are a beginner. Greets Flo
  3. You can use 100x100, too. You have got an avatar with 100x100 @aatwo, and I have got it, too
  4. You cant say this, beacause every avatar and every signature is different! You have to decide, what you want to show in your avatar/sig. A must-have is (in my opinion) the nickname . I think, you shoul read the "Glass Orbs"-tutorial and some other ones. I think, that a round thing in an avatar looks good, anywhere. If you need help with some special things: ask here! Greets Flo
  5. There it is! And here is the original one, to see the difference: I think, it looks pretty, maybe nicer, than the original Oh, the stupid IE-Users cant see the images correctly, 'cause IE dont use PNG-Transperency So, here are the URLs to the PDN-Files (to download see it with transperency, create a new layer under the other ones and make it white): http://www.florian-severin.de/Sonstiges ... _faked.pdn http://www.florian-severin.de/Sonstiges ... iginal.pdn Greets Flo
  6. Yes, I think, I'll try it. I am not a good graphicer (how you can see in my signbature and in my avatar ), but I think, I'll try. Greets Flo
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