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  1. Okay is there anyway in paint net to create "skated ice" on your sig? For example a designer with photoshop created this:
  2. Ok suppose you finished per say a sig or a wallpaper and a person tells you to fix a small mistake and you realized that you flattened your image and you absolutely have to start from scratch again. Is there any way you can save your work from flattening the image and then losing all your layers?
  3. Okay I'll be more specific. Here is a pic of Teemu Selanne (signed 1yr deal with the Ducks woo hooo) How do I erase the outline of him so he can look good in a sig?
  4. Is there a easier way of erasing a players outline? If there is could you kindly tell me how to do it?! lol Thanks!
  5. lol I need basic steps ON HOW to making a sig and a avatar. You see I downloaded the program last night and had no clue whatsoever where to begin. But thanks for the tips lol
  6. Sorry If this question has been answered or mentioned before but how do I... 1) Make a sig and a avatar with paint.net? Thanks!
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