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  1. It would be nice if Paint.NET had some kind of batch processing (for instance to give all photos in a series a little Gaussian blur with one command). But I am unable to find such function. Am I missing something or must we wait for the next version? By the way even without batch processing it still is a great software tool !
  2. Thanks a lot, it works !!! Why isn't this mentioned in the help pages??? A similar undocumented trick is also in Picasa
  3. Let me first say that I consider Paint.NET to be the best freeware that is available for photo manipulation: a lot more power than Picasa but also very userfriendly, which cannot be said about the GIMP, that maybe has more features but is as easy to learn as classic chinese. So I was very diappointed to find out that Paint.NET has no crop function that will preserve the aspect ratio of the original picture at 4/3. That is the aspect ratio of about 95 % of all pictures when they are transfered from the camera into th PC, and if the goal is to burn photos or slideshows on CD or DVD, that is the aspect ratio you want to keep all through this process. Many professionals will tell you that cropping and cutting away the bad parts at the borders is the most important step in the photo improvement process. So a flexible and easy to use tool is certainly needed here !!! So my question is (1) am I missing something and it's there but I don't see it, or if indeed it is not available today, (2) will it be made available in the next months ???
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