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  1. what you do is upload the image then click host it,then when its uploaded choose the link that says 'thumbnail for forums' copy this then paste it into the reply section on the forum of your choice.by choosing the 'thumbnail for forums' link it means you can put the full size image up for everyone to see,but it doesnt bog down the forum with large images because it is hosted off site,ie at imageshack.nice pic by the way.
  2. host the image somewhere like 'imageshack' http://www.imageshack.us/ then copy and paste the thumbnails for forums link. like so.
  3. thanks,tried wally didnt like it also found i didnt need it.as long as the image is the correct size any bmp. image can be used as a spray in dod,for cs i use an app called Sprayr.what i was trying to do was take the circular celtic badge out of a bigger image to use as an avatar,but keep it circular,but every time i try it always has a backround,sometimes white sometimes light blue.i was looking around this forum and in another thread somebody said save as a png. image which i did and it seemed to work but when i used the image for an avatar it had a backround,so i dont know what im doing wrong. wheyhey done it at last.ok so you where right save it as a gif thanks
  4. hi,im trying to cut a circular section out of a bigger picture,ive done the hard part ie made the selection and cut it out but how do i save it as a circle and not as a circle with a white backround or any kind of backround for that matter.i just want to save the circular part for use as an avatar or spray in fps games.
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