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  1. Yes. I do that, but when update worked, I clicked once and I have new version. Now I have to uninstall previous version, download newest one and finally install it. That takes much more time. I am wondering why this error occurs.
  2. Is there no solution for this problem? Maybe you will need some additional information, which I can get? Please write me what you need to solve this problem.
  3. Hi! I have problem with update using help->Check for updates. Program returns message box with: HTTP 500 (InternalServerError) I have tried update several times, but every time PDN returns this error. I'm using 3.0 RC 1 release. The same problem i had with PDN 3.0 Beta 2 and Beta 3 release. This is not about my firewall (Kerio 4.x), because its turning off does not help. Any ideas how to check for updates with PDN? best regards, Szymon Belus