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  1. Thank you for your responses :-) I had [stupidly] assumed that making the shortcuts was part of Paint.NET's normal behavior :oops: What had happened is that the shortcut was pointed at the wrong item and it was re-installing every time it started up. My primary applications have shortcuts in the first Start Menu list. When I replaced that one with the one deposited on the desktop, the problem went away. Unfortunately, so did the information of what it WAS point at [dang] :-/
  2. Hi Guys :-) I exist in a Windows XP Pro environment. I am new to Paint.NET and am very impressed with it. Now I don't have to buy Adobe Photoshop :-) There is, however, one little irritation: Each time I start Paint.NET, it places shortcuts on the desktop and in the Start Menu\Programs folder. I do not want them. I keep my very busy desktop just the way I want it. I cannot find an option to stop this interference. Can anybody advise me how to stop them being replaced and screwing with my very full desktop and Programs folder?
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