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  1. I uninstalled Paint.NET. Now VS works. I guess I could reinstall Paint.NET without VS running...
  2. Got similar problem. But I updated to 3.5.2. I updated more than a week ago. Hate to roll back that far. Have runned the setup for Visual Studio and for Visual Studio SP1 and chose repaired. Got the error there too. Any advice?
  3. Ahh the red colour. I had chosen to red as my painting colour. Thought it might be the reason why the box went red. Testet again. You're right red is used as a warning colour. But still a bit confusing that the text stays there. As said - it's a very small thing.
  4. A minor thing. You are able to write letters in the numeric drop-down boxes. Even with the selected color. Not in the selected font though ;-)
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