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  1. a batch filetype modifier is also a nice tool. having 52 gif's that you need as bitmaps b/c thats what'll go default when coding in C/C++ & Win32 api is rather annoying. sure, you could use GDI or GDI+...but its easier to just use a batch filetype modifier :] and if someone wants the filesize to be less than whatever, they can download the source and add that restriction. conversion b/w the main filetypes that Paint.NET supports would be rather nice in itself. ..just thought i'd add my 2 cents :]
  2. hm. makes sense, lol ..yea...sorry for the laziness lol ^_^ rick, your sig is the only place i've seen the disclaimer. but then, the only M$ association i have is referencing what some winapi calls return or what the millionth parameter of a function is, lol. thanks tho :]
  3. hey... i was wondering if "Rick" worked for microsoft? after noticing the location it made me curious. lol cuz i thought that paint.net was just like, a final project for college. not a microsoft-developed application.
  4. i've gotten 1 email from a different post and then 9 from this one. but *shrug* they all go to my junk mail so it doesn't bug me much.
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