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  1. @BoltBait so now how do I remove the pixels from my image using these options?
  2. @BoltBait thank you, I have just tried again and now I think I'm set. I must have rushed it and skipped some steps.
  3. Hi @BoltBait thanks. I already downloaded it, just can't find it under Object. @lynxster4 I understand. I don't see all those under that menu. Some reason mine is different.
  4. Hi @lynxster4 thank you. I don't even know which version I have lol. Is there a way to know?
  5. Where do I find that? I installed the latest version of BoltBait
  6. I'm just working on the hands. I use Clockology app for the watch face. These are the hands I'm trying to center, but it's not working out. Well just one for both, the minute and hour hand. I don't even know if it's correctly centered.
  7. @Pixey hi, do you mean to use the Align Object plugin first, then put the hands, then repeat Align Object? Not sure what you meant.
  8. @Pixeythank you, really appreciate your help, and thanks for the welcome ☺️
  9. Hey all, I just joined in the forums. I'm a watch face designer, and am a total beginner at this. I use Paint.Net to design watch hands and color them. Only problem is when I put in my watch face to my watch, the hands are not centered. How should I center it using this software? I see the circle with the + on it which tells me that it is the center point, but I don't know where on the watch hand it should go.
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