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  1. Ok, I just decided to to everything from the start, but as advice, be careful , be not like me .
  2. @BlastOfBN hm.. I did not changed that, so I think it is the first one , because I did not do anything with that
  3. Do you mean how I did that? I clicked at "Image", then "Resize", and removed only 6 pixels from the nubmer. Also I think I clicked off the "aspect ratio" or "absolute size" in the same place. (I hope I understood the question right)
  4. Hi. I used Paint.net to do a map . I did this map for 7 days, today I just wanted to resize it. I did it, but I did not notice that this ruined my work and I saved it. Now I have a project , that is little bit smoothing , it is still usable, but I don't like it and I would want to fix this and make my map clean , not smoothy again. Is there any way to do it?
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