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  1. But if it is saved in Windows Registry it could be pulled from there, couldn't it? Also, Pixey, yes it appears there, but it is a different picture when I open the folder where it is supposed to be in. When I click on it, it opens as the picture I can see in the folder, instead of the one that is seen in the little preview window.
  2. I did save it, but as I said it has been overwritten. It also still is in my recently opened, so I guess the picture is still somewhere on my computer.
  3. Hello, yesterday I was trying to make a logo improvement for something. Unfortunaly I didn't know how that software works, and it overwrites all of the changes once it's restarted. I still have one picture of the whole thing left in my recently opened, but I've tried it with other pictures (that's why I only have 1 left) and they open as the old standart file. I'm pretty sure that there is some way of getting back, because it is showing a little preview of what I made in a little window, so I think I could somehow recover it, but I don't know how, so that's why I am here. Any help is appreciated, and I will provide an update once the issue is resolved, or it's made unresolvable.
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