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  1. Now I understand! It seems that the "Pass Through" blend mode doesn't exist on Paint.NET. Any recommendation for an alternative mode that is the most similar to Pass Through? Thanks a lot!
  2. And this is how I see the layers and the filters/color mask that don't seem to work...
  3. I have this plugin. the thing is that when I open the psd file from the google drive app (I saved the file on GD), I can see the background color and the filter. whereas, when I open the file with Paint.NET, the colors are gone. Kindly see attached pics... On google drive (preview and file itself) and a screenshot of the actual file when opened on Paint.NET.
  4. Hi all, I've just purchased this banner bundle: https://graphicriver.net/item/instagram-post-and-stories-banner-bundle/23486351 Apparently, the filters don't work on Paint.NET. Is there a plugin that can solve this? Thanks a million
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