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  1. Yes is a trick that i use, but if paint'net combine images on only saved image you can save time skipping this step.
  2. When i work images i save it as pdn for edit and jpg for share, but if i change a small details on image on every saved image, i need press control-z to return layers for edit and save other compressed image. Why not combine images only on saved image and not in paint'net?, with this, we no need press control-z. But for newer user you can keep as warning (If you save in this format, you will be lost layers on saved file, you want continue? ask yes or not and add option (Show this warning every time that save in this format). and if want to change go to settings menu.
  3. I showed that can select layer between smooth sharp (modern) and Sharp (classic) but this is fake due not switch really the engines due emulates gdi+/gdi under directwrite but the font quality never will be same and doesn't adds raster fonts. Currently i will to work with gimp, paint net not support my interface simulation. For Qualcomm sim i return to paint net and working normally. currently needs to work with raster and in paint net also doesn't exist any plugin to write with gdi (raster)
  4. GDI+ is ancient, archaic, slow, is difficult to work with, and produces poor quality output. ¿Sure?. GDI+ i think that support but i want force gdi+ Paint'net not accept gdi+, inclusive if disable hw acceleration. Between directwrite and gdi+ the difference not it's much ¿In paint.net the gdi is disable why? i never encounter error between old version that use gdi. More powerful is that select engine on setting menu, i sure that i don't is unique people that is ask how to disable the bad engine "directwrite", is program for painting i maybe. gdi+ is more open to support file formats. Notepad font is more quality than paint net. If gdi is completely bad why others peoples still searching it? for my point of view if your adds directwrite add any option due remove completely one motor. Is searching to delete but hard to add. you are kidding me? Notepad++ notepad windows movie maker windows UI and common windows program still using gdi+ or gdi. If is deprecated ¿why i can be use currently on this programs?. Gimp photoshop, after effect also still using...
  5. I don't know why Paint net has changed to directwrite. at least GDI+ is more cool than directwrite.
  6. Is just lcd small screen display look well with bitmap, the problem is that original source is a xml+wbmp (I don't know exactly what program uses this) but i has converted the font to (.fon) and look fine. I tried to convert to ttf for paint'net but without sucess. I can't merge family between size. Is a raster family 9px regular,bold and 11 px bold. In notepad look perfect also due look specify sizes that exist. But paint doesn't load font. (at least from 3.5.11) With raster (.fon) i can merge styles to specify sizes and bold/regular/italic etc flags. ttf uses only one style on all sizes. Maybe i can try to convert but if i can keep original font (raster) is much better.
  7. Paint net 3.5.11 show bitmap fon well without problem (at least for me) on the built in text editor, but on plugin not appears. From 4 and newers the font not appears definitively. Freetype is for python, true?
  8. Hardware acceration doesn't see diference (not gpu problem) Untick "Overscroll" solve the problem, but i think that overscroll not correspond to be affected by text tool. Solve, but is uncomfortable the works in edges. Also appears when moving seleccion in edges. Maybe a bug?
  9. I'm want to design a few ui, but i have my own font and was configured on .wbmp + xml (originally is raster font also, but i'm re-created it again [raster compatible with windows], i'm designed ".fon". Every that i need to make a draw font, i need write on notepad, print screen, paste to paint and process the font. I don't sure why paint net has removed the support of .fon files from 3.5.11.
  10. Thanks, I'm not refer to text alignment. Here a one example, low resolution due forum is limited to very small size, 256kB While i write text, the screen shift a few positions.
  11. At the hour to write text with text tool if the image is very near the position center automatically, How to solve this problem. Few version after last releases not have this problem.
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