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  1. Hi, I have placed paint.net edited files (these were scans from Epson Perfection Scanner) in the same directory on my Android as actual camera shots taken on the phone. When I look at the properties of the camera shots, they have an embedded thumbnail. The images edited in paint.net do not. I do not see an option for creating the embedded thumbnail in paint.net. 1. When I look at the properties on my Windows 10 device connected through USB file transfer to my Android device, I see the thumbnail under a tab called Resources 2. I then copy the file to my Windows 10 device, and there is no resources tab (so not thumbnail). But there is a lot of information on a Details tab like the camera name, pixels, ISO speed, focal length etc. 3. A scanned image edited in paint.net has Details tab information as well, but of course no camera specific details, scanner information is present. 4. I copy the scanned image to the Android device and view properties (as in #1 above) but there is not tab called resources nor is there a thumbnail. Does anyone understand what the situation is? I believe the "OurPhoto" Dragon photoframe is looking for certain information before it provides the thumbnail to the user for selection in sending to the photoframe for display. With kind regards! Rob
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