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  1. Ok guys! I have had Stardock's Windowblinds for the longest time and Paint.Net would work fine. I then did a windows update and I then updated paint.net as my version was a few months out of date. It then stopped working and I couldn't figure out why and this issue had been plaguing me for weeks at this point. I noticed my Windows update was broken and thought it was maybe a broken .NET framework or something, so I fixed all that and Paint.Net still would not work. It would open, but as soon as I loaded an image, the whole thing would freeze and need to be nuked in Process Hacker or Task Manager. I then noticed a forum thread on here from 2019 where an Admin mentioned WindowBlinds. I unloaded my skin and low-and-behold now Paint.Net works I am almost certain it worked alongside Windowblinds in a previous version, now it doesn't. It's quite annoying that I now have to unload my skin when I want to use Paint.net, so could this be fixed at all?
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